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Mindfulness & Insight Meditation Course

The essence and benefits of mindfulness and insight meditation are imbedded in experience.  The practices seek to bring a sense of calm and stability as well as greater insight and understanding of the nature of our minds and bodies and our relationship with ourselves and others.


The studio regularly runs Mindfulness Meditation courses and workshops exploring the Four Foundations of Mindfulness and offer specific skills and practices that can be incorporated into daily life to help break cycles of habitual thought patterns that may lead to anxiety, or stress and cultivate a greater sense of ease and well-being.

Please contact for more information.


All class and course participants acknowledge that all exercise involves a risk of personal injury, including a small risk of serious injury or death, and agree to take responsibility for your health and well-being in relation to our yoga classes.

Please advise your teacher of any health and medical conditions that may impact on your practice. If you suffer from any medical or physical condition or disability that may increase the normal risks associated with exercise please seek authorisation from your doctor prior to participation in our yoga classes, courses, workshops or retreats.

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